This mighty little extraction device will keep your precious trichomes contained during extraction with No Ice, NO Water, No Mess. It simply lives in your freezer and whenever you’re near it you give it a quick shake. The thick glass keeps your cannabis cold and contained while you agitate the trichomes loose from the leafy material. From there...you have some of the finest hash in the world!! at HOME for under $30 bucks.

It comes with instructions and insights for using sugar leaf and flower, wet or dry. It holds 20G of ground budd and will yield up to 25% in dry sift kief (if you like your grinder's kief, why not catch all of it). An inexpensive addition to your toolbox.


What To Do With Kief?

Kief can be smoked straight rolled in a joint or from a bowl and just remember it will burn up quickly. Most people just sprinkle some kief over their marijuana and roll it or mix it with tobacco. Kief is used for making hash which means pressing kief into little bricks, baking them, pressing again and then let them cool and dry. Then use this for smoking.

You can make THC infusions (i.e., butter or oil) and use it for baking cookies, brownies or any food that is cooked with butter or oil. Keif is very potent so you will only need a small amount to get high. The kief seems to smoke best when put on top or in between another medium.

Makes soft blond hash from your trim - or better, your friends trim!

Kief off your weed a little, then blast or butter it.

Clean up all your odds & ends bags - Always a good yielder.

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